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That time I sold my soul and decided to do the career thing.

Back from that exhausting trip. Took an afternoon to make puff pastry by hand and whipped up this simple, beautiful peach tart. Topped it with a little honey.

Tired but feeling cuteeeee. Jk jk. Wearing sweats today. I only own this one sweatshirt and I borrowed C’s pajama pants. Borrowed Alex’s hat for maximum douchebag affect.

Off with their heads. Thick/creamy spiced carrot soup with les carottes moches from our CSA. On top are crisped cumin chickpeas. And on the side are mini okonomiyaki or “veggie pancakes”.

Breakfasts from this week:
Fried egg over fresh from the garden green beans;
Sautéed mushrooms, parmesan, and avocado on toast;
Scallion pancake;
Ice cream.

Same story, different setting

Today I went to the store to pick up some things. My friend drove me, since I haven’t a car. I said, “I’ll be super quick, just wait here.” On the way out, I heard some loud whistling.  And I was instantly reminded of how dangerous things are for women and for those within the lgbtq community, among others. I was very scared. 

This could have been much worse for me. And in response, I could easily turn this into an opportunity for a longer post about how this kind of behavior should be evidence enough of the kind of sexist and/or misogynistic world we live in. I could talk about micro-aggressions, violence against women, and how women are objectified and their bodies publicized. But I think, instead, I will count myself lucky and hope that my mind doesn’t begin rationalizing that kind of behavior or cursing myself for allowing it to happen. I am too tired to expend more energy on this. 

Made a vidalia onion and black rice soup with potato to accompany the salad and scallion pancakes I made for dinner. It’s crazy that a bag of onions could reduce so much! The soup is filling but not too heavy.

I did a thing! I put on makeup and left the house. Did a subtle cat eye and tightlined the upper lash line, swiped a coppery color on my lower lash line and mascara on bottom lashes only, topped with lipgloss. Obligatory awkward selfie in the economics dept. bathroom with my woman Joan Robinson. Seriously, what is my hand even doing?

Stewart little had a dance party! Keeping with the 90s theme I wore a goth inspired all black outfit with a spiked choker and a longer crystal pendant. And of course, gotta put my hair into odango. First time DJing was a lot of fun! Wish y’all could have been there!

I need to to bleach my roots. I look so dumb. But I feel kind of cute today with purple toned lipstick.